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L'Afrique c'est Nous!

Discours de Wangari Maathai sur le développement durable, la démocratie et la paix en Afrique

22 Janvier 2020, 20:02pm

Publié par Charbel Gauthe

“Good governance seeks justice and equity for all”


In managing our resources, we need to realise that they are limited and need to be managed more sustainably, responsibly, and accountably. It is also important that the resources be shared more equitably both at the commemorations of the May 18 Democratic Movement national but also at the global level. 

Sustainable management of the resources is only possible if we practice good governance, which calls for respect for the rule of law, respect for human rights, a willingness to give space and a voice to the weak and the more vulnerable in our societies; that we respect the voice of the minority, even while accepting the decision of the majority, and respect diversity. Good governance seeks justice and equity for all irrespective of race, religion, gender, and any other parameters, which man uses to discriminate and exclude. Good governance is indeed inclusive and seeks participatory democracy.

We call for the strengthening of institutions, such as the United Nations and its many organs to restrain strong nations so that they do not walk all over the weak ones. Security of nations at the global level is as important as security of individuals within the national boundaries. And for individuals, as well for the nations, if they are not secure, no one is secure. […]

When we manage our resources sustainably and practice good governance we deliberately and consciously promote cultures of peace, which include the willingness to dialogue and make genuine efforts for healing and reconciliation, especially where there has been misunderstanding, lost of trust, and even conflict. Whenever we fail to nurture these three themes, conflict becomes inevitable. […]

Discours prononcé le 16 juin 2006 lors du sommet sur le développement durable, la démocratie et la paix en Afrique à Gwangju, Corée du Sud.


1er avril 1940 : Naissance à Ihithe, Kenya

1964 : Obtient sa licence en biologie devenant ainsi la première femme d’Afrique de l’Est à l’obtenir.

1977 : Fonde le Green Belt Movement[1]

2003 : Fonde le parti vert Mazingira

2004 : Reçois le prix Nobel de la paix.

2011 : Décès à Nairobi.

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